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Korean fried chicken franchise opens in Albany

The Secret Spicy Chicken at bb.q Chicken Albany is seasoned with a “secret spicy sauce made out of tomato, onion, garlic, and spices.” (Provided photo.)

BB.Q Chicken/Yelp

What is described as South Korea’s largest fried-chicken chain, bb.q Chicken, opened earlier this week at 301 Central Ave., Albany, the first shop in the state beyond the New York City metro area. The company expanded to the U.S. six years ago and now has about 65 locations nationwide. The Central Avenue space previously was home to the Fujiya Ramen noodle shop from winter 2017 until earlier this year, when it closed during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a menu flier on bb.q Chicken Albany’s Facebook page, it serves bone-in chicken pieces, boneless nuggets or wing-only orders with flavors including honey-garlic, soy-garlic, Korean, “Cheeseling” (aka, “sweet and savory cheddar cheese and mascarpone cheese powder”) and several levels of spicy, plus several side dishes.

The chicken is said to be fried in extra-virgin olive oil after a two-day process that includes marination, battering and breading. Company promotional material says the name is short not for “barbecue” but “Best of the Best Quality.”

Has anyone visited a bb.q Chicken?

Hours are 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Call 518-650-6930 for takeout orders. A representative told me he expects to have delivery through DoorDash available starting next week; there is already page for the restaurant on Uber Eats, but the representative said it is not yet operational.

This story first published in the Table Hopping blog

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