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bb.q Chicken Partners with Local Aurora Brewery to Produce New Lager

Aurora bb.q Lager is available exclusively at Korean fried chicken restaurant’s Aurora location and the brewery’s tasting room

bb.q Chicken, Korea’s Finest Fried Chicken™, today announced a new partnership with Aurora, Colo.-based Launch Pad Brewery to produce Aurora bb.q Lager, a rice lager with a local name that pairs perfectly with bb.q Chicken’s signature Korean Fried Chicken and K-Food cuisine.

Aurora bb.q Lager is available on tap exclusively at bb.q Chicken’s Aurora location in Village on the Park (2495 S. Havana St., Unit #H, Aurora, CO, 80014) and Launch Pad Brewery (884 South Buckley Road, Aurora, CO, 80017). The new beer is 5.1% ABV and 17 IBU and boasts a uniquely Korean flavor profile of jasmine rice, green tea and subtle notes of jasmine flowers. bb.q Chicken plans to open a second Denver-area location in Capitol Hill in October, where the new rice lager will also be on the menu.

Established in 1995 as part of parent company Genesis BBQ, bb.q Chicken’s mission is to always provide the most delicious premium chicken in the world, based on the belief that food is the gateway to all culture. bb.q (pronounced bee-bee-que) stands for Best of the Best Quality and serves as a promise to always make Korea’s Finest Fried Chicken.

Authenticity is at the core of everything bb.q Chicken makes. Each location prepares and shares only the best flavors and uses the best ingredients for its signature item, Korean Fried Chicken, as well as K-Food items, such as ddeok bokki and kimchi fried rice.

“The pairing of beer with Korean Fried Chicken is an authentic part of the Korean dining experience we are proud to offer, especially with Aurora bb.q Lager’s tie to the Denver area,” said bb.q Chicken USA CEO Joseph Kim. “This partnership allows us to bring the flavors of Korea to Colorado and connect directly with Colorado’s incredibly strong beer scene. It’s the perfect example of cultural exchange through food and drink.”

Rice Lagers are brewed with rice in addition to barley in the grain mix. Rice offers fermentable sugars for the yeasts that produce alcohol, which helps keep the beer light in color and body. Hop bitterness is low but mildly perceptible, providing a balance to the grain sweetness.

“There is nothing that is more exciting for the team at Launch Pad Brewery than pairing our crafted beers with exceptional cultural cuisine,” said Launch Pad Brewery Owner and Head Brewer Paul Mahoney. “Asian-inspired rice lagers have been a rapidly growing style in the craft beer community and it is an honor to design a beer that showcases Korean culture and one that pairs so well with Korean Fried Chicken.”

Korean Fried Chicken has gained popularity in America, and while many international food brands try to “Americanize” their food selections when they franchise in the United States, that is not the case for bb.q Chicken. bb.q Chicken’s authentic marinades arrive directly from South Korea and transport their customers’ taste buds back to Seoul with every bite. Top fan-favorite flavors across the U.S. include Golden Original, Secret Sauce and Honey Garlic. bb.q Chicken serves a wide variety of unique Korean flavors on wings, boneless bites and Korean Style whole chickens.

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